Established in June 2010, Bedrock Quarry Products & Bulk Transport has become an ever expanding fleet of trucks that provide the transportation of quarry products to major civil contractors and concrete plants. Bedrock travels widely across the state through the Sydney Metro, North Coast, South Coast and Central West regions of New South Wales.

As the Director of Bedrock, Mick Colley brings 25 years of knowledge and experience to the company. His expertise extends across the vast scope of the industry, from the products he supplies, to the engines in the trucks, allowing Mick to provide excellent customer service built on trust, reliability and know-how.


The constant maintenance and servicing of each truck allows Bedrock to run smoothly whilst looking our best on the road. Our National Heavy Vehicle Regulator accreditation for Basic Fatigue and Mass Management allows us to cart substantial weights across Sydney. As this is an audited RMS program, Bedrock prides itself upon ensuring each truck is continually serviced, registered and cleaned.

The increased demand in materials brings with it the need for a responsible and reliable team to ensure Bedrock is able to continue to provide quality service to each and every customer. Valuable staff members, Jan Anderson from the Bedrock accounts department ensures all finances, accounts and orders are balanced, while our  Transport Manager works diligently to ensure all deliveries are made promptly and efficiently. With a highly dedicated and skilled team of drivers, alongside numerous sub-contractors, Bedrock has been able to continually progress and expand.

Continued support is given to local charities, such as Pink Finss, and to local schools to help contribute where possible. The Bedrock fleet and team have also participated in the Convoy for Kids Sydney annual event to help fundraise for sick children. In doing so, Bedrock continues to form strong relationships within both the industry and wider community.

Bedrock Quarry Products & Bulk Transport thanks all who have contributed to our company. We look forward to continuing to provide quarry products to our customers through quality transportation services and excellent relationships.

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